Driven by customer needs. Led by insight.Powered by data and technology.

Senior C-Suite, Marketers, Insight and Data Professionals from the world’s biggest brands partner with us to build new revenue streams, attract profitable customers and increase customer value.

Driven bycustomer needs

Every business has different customers and different needs. So our approach is flexible but always embedded in real business contexts.
We bring in the best people and the best expertise from across STRAT7 – strategic consultants, insight and research professionals, data scientists and developers - to create more value for your customers and for your business.

Led byinsight

Everything in our work has a basis in quality data and analytical rigour. But data is the map, not the driver.
When you combine smart data and advanced analytics with human interpretation and strategic knowledge to develop deep insights, you can make sure the right decisions get made.

Powered by data and technology

Our Insights Platform for engaging with and understanding customers and prospects is the best in the industry.
We use advanced technology, including AI and Machine Learning, to integrate and enrich multiple data sources to uncover new or hidden knowledge around customer needs and behaviours. And our platforms deliver real-time insight you can act on fast.

Working with STRAT7

The teams, specialisms and solutions we deploy are designed with your specific challenges (and ambitions) in mind.

Our approach to achieving true customer-centricity is based on 20+ years operational experience of what really works – and it’s focused on unlocking desired business benefits through organisational anchoring and ongoing business integration.
It’s a proven and flexible activation process covering:
1.  Diagnose: develop a joint understanding of the current and desired situation, business context and goals. 2.  Design: define the project and process design to meet desired results. 3.  Data Selection: identify, integrate and enrich data connections, to build knowledge and intelligence. 4.  Develop and deliver: collaborate to develop and delivery optimal solution, using relevant data and analytics to uncover customer-centric insights. 5.  Deploy: ongoing activation and deployment of customer-centric business tools and insights, ensuring continuous stakeholder buy-in and ongoing business integration.