STRAT7 has launched a new risk analysis tool from our specialist agency Bonamy Finch, who create actionable insights through primary research and advanced analytics.

For brands and businesses, making strategic decisions in an uncertain market carries risk. Bonamy Finch have created an innovative new solution to reduce this risk using advanced analytics to design and implement bespoke Monte Carlo business simulation models.

This approach considers all cause and effect influences to calculate the possible permutations and results from your decisions. Including factors you can control and those you cannot.

Monte Carlo simulation is a proven, well-known, and respected methodology. It generates multiple instances of the variables for modelling risk or uncertainty based on a certain set of choices. The resulting analysis from Bonamy Finch enables brands and businesses to identify and investigate specific scenarios, to validate many assumptions and build a plan to maximise returns.

The business simulation model will…

• Create an interactive analytics platform that enables you to simulate the range of possible outcomes as evidence for decision-making for any marketing plan.
• Forecast financial results, so you can move forward with more certainty.
• Test how financial plans will perform in a wider variety of good and bad situations
• Understand and quantify the variability associated with any decision.
• Enable you to manage risk by understanding cost/ benefit relationships.

This allows the integration of many targeting or selection criteria for marketing activity, where each of the criteria may have been developed using conventional methods (such as predictive or descriptive analytics). By providing a complete model you can therefore quantify and compare the likely outcomes from your choices.

Barrie Brien, CEO at STRAT7 comments:

“Now is arguably one of the toughest times for board directors and senior marketers to make decisions. There are more unknowns than knowns and every investment needs to be analysed for its maximum impact and ROI. This business simulation model is recognised and proven to drive better more informed decisions. We’re delighted to be working with clients to put this data driven model at the heart of their decision-making process.”

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