Getting the segmentations and insight to deliver value at a Global Home & Furniture retailer. Who are the many people? How do we reach all by understanding that they are different?


  • Over time lost customer centricity in product development and product marketing
  • A need for a more insight driven strategy and development process
  • Wide range of insight sources including segmentations. But diverse and limited actionability


  • Close the gap between the commercial teams and the insight community by;
  • creating shared understanding of the real business challenges in each target segment
  • changing perspective from segmentation rollout to customer centric transformation
  • Setting up an insight and segmentation framework – “one source of insight”
  • Revise current strategy and development process
  • Program and process tailored to client capacity and resources.

Results so far:

  • Step change in customer centricity mindset
  • Updated strategy process in pilot BA
  • Range development process revised
  • Revised targeting ambitions in coming product communication
  • 3-4 other BAs, and retail operations in starting blocks