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precision and


Disruption is intensifying. Consumers expect brands to be purpose-driven. And businesses are struggling to understand how to connect with the consumer of the future.

Now, more than ever, brands need to innovate, reshaping the business to take advantage of changes in consumer behaviour, technology and society. 

The solution is to put customer-centricity at the core of your business.

No half measures

We take a full stack approach to creating customer-centric operating models.

That means putting your customers at the heart of every business decision.  Redesigning the way that you operate to align processes, people and technology.  Systemically. 

Predict the now and what next of customer behaviour with pinpoint precision.  And lead your industry with confidence by connecting business strategies to predictable consumer value creation.

What we do

Strategy & Operating Model

Create an operating model that lets you put the customer at the heart of every business decision, at a systemic level.

Strategy Development

Identify how our changing world shapes human behavior and how to create value from that change.

Value Growth

Grow the value of every customer interaction.  


We’re a global team of experienced management consultants and business leaders.  Supported by our team of data, analytics and insight specialists from across STRAT7.

Explore how we power our systemic approach to customer-centricity.

Martin Hörnqvist
Founding Partner

Björn Dufwenberg
Managing Director

Annika Waller
Partner | Senior Business Advisor

Pranay Jeyachandran
Deputy Managing Director | Incite

Manick Pratheeban
Director Research Solutions 

Michael Fisher
Partner | Senior Business Advisor

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