Access to market, category and customer knowledge should help you spot opportunities for existing and future customers before your competitors.

But you’re all fishing in the same pond - the most obvious, surface-level insights won’t deliver competitor advantage.

If you want to go deeper into the data and identify business-critical insights which help you find new and disruptive opportunities – before anybody else, you’ll need four things:
First a deep understanding of how market, category and cultural trends are influencing consumer needs. Second is advanced customer analytics - segmentation, value analysis, and modelling.  Third is leading-edge data science - machine learning and AI which lets you find fresh insights and predict future market and customer movement. And fourth, a continuous data approach to customer behaviour modelling and insight analysis so that you can react to and adapt quickly to changing customer expectations.
This combination of market context, advanced analytics and data science, guided by the human experience of expert analysts, is what lets a business identify the fastest and most profitable opportunities to acquire, retain and grow customers well before the competition.