Your business doesn’t just need data.

It needs the right data, in front of the right people, in the right format to help you make decisions. To get that, you need to enrich your data so that it puts customer knowledge at the heart of your business.

This means data strategy, planning and transformation. You’ll need to be able to integrate data, merging survey data with customer databases, third-party data sources and commercial metrics. You’ll need specialists who can link your own data ecosystems to your suppliers’ (like STRAT7 LiFE’s data lake). And you’ll need delivery systems which are automatic, easy to access and simple to understand. Once you have all that, making the right decisions gets a lot simpler.
Enriching data means making it relevant and robust, taking it out of its silos and giving it to the people who can use it. It means building up an ever-richer picture of customer behaviour – past, present and future. Once you do that, it stops being just data and becomes customer knowledge.