The integrated consumer data bank.

LiFE is a unique consumer pool offering coverage of over 95% of the UK households and consumers. Uniquely created by tapping into multiple data sources including links to wider global data, with a focus on three main consumer traits - demographics, behaviour and attitudes. We utilise data from commercial and open market sources, as well as applying social data such as share/like/view and bespoke datasets.

Transforming your knowledge from we think to we know

We use Advanced Customer Analytics and embrace new techniques in Machine Learning and AI, to attribute insight to increase overall coverage. Utilising the latest software and technology, open source analytics – R, Python and Spark - to create the next generation of data bank.

With access to wide third party data we can append to your customers and prospects to enable predictive analytics. This allows you to better understand why customers grow and stay with you, slow down and reduce their value, or decide to leave you. Third party data can also have significant impact in customer analytics projects, such as customer segmentation, value measurement, identifying an effective engagement strategy, or targeting the right consumers for acquisition.

Our approach

From day one we consider the final implementation to your objectives, system capability and user requirements, ensuring a seamless integration without compromise.

We use a recognised sprint methodology and agile approach to deliver quick and often. Our approach is disciplined, creating a system that’s fit for purpose today, but also future proofed for tomorrow.

At LiFE we create a defined data strategy for harnessing customer data and advanced analytics to realise your business objectives. We work with you to create a clear vision for external data sourcing, propensity model building, insight delivery and final project implementation.

Automated and accurate

We place high importance on data quality, especially where multiple datasets are required for confident and accurate matching to ensure individual consumer insight is delivered.

By automating where possible we’re able to streamline our offering to deliver high service and fast results.
  • Data loading and processing, including data security and variable mapping.
  • Solution management, including automated updates and regular suppression matching.
  • Application development, including Automated Profiling and Modelling (APaM) with graded service levels.

Advanced customer analytics

We offer three stages of advanced customer analytics to fulfil bespoke client projects at any scale.

Data discovery

Using exploratory data analysis to uncover the key drivers within your customer database. Making use of interactive visualisation tools leading to improved analytics and better decisions.


Classifying customers into bespoke cohorts to ensure marketing communications are relevant and timely. Identifying common traits and patterns in customer behaviour.

Predictive models

Propensity models utilise the latest advances in machine learning algorithms to predict an outcome, either at an individual level or a macro market level to advise businesses on next best action.

Media engagement

LiFE can be applied across all media channels to engage with new or existing consumers. From mass media such as TV, outdoor, and websites, to segmented media including magazines and digital advertising, right through to direct media via CRM and personal recommendations.

Supporting your business to deliver sustainable changes in consumer behaviour and value.