We formulate and deploy innovative strategies designed to maximise customer-centric business growth!

We want you to be the leader in your world, however you define it. A leader in the eyes of those who are the most important contributors to your success - your customers.

We believe the best way to reach a sustainable, leading position is by combining a branded business model with customer-centric data and insight innovation.

We give you the power to grow your business through visionary strategies, facilitating organisational change to ensure the desired business impact is not just an idea but a reality.

To put it simply, we work as your partners for growth, from strategic direction to successful deployment so the job gets done.


As every business opportunity is unique, our approach is uniquely developed from a straightforward model to ensure we provide the best solutions and advice for any situation.

We do not view data naively as a truth in and by itself, but as something that needs to be contextualized, synthesized, analysed and interpreted in a business context.

We do not believe in the power of big data – we believe in the power of smart data!

STRAT7 our approach


Successful and sustainable growth can only be formed in meaningful relationships between brands and individuals. We design consistent and sustainable branded business models.

STRAT7 commercial growth

  • Product innovation strategy
  • Marketing Transformation
  • Business Model Design
  • Growth Strategies
  • Organization and Transformation

STRAT7 brand growth

  • Brand Innovation & NPD
  • Brand Experience Design
  • Brand Growth Marketing
  • Portfolio Strategy
  • Brand Strategy

STRAT7 customer value growth

  • Customer Base Development
  • Customer segmentation
  • Management coaching
  • CVM/CRM Strategy
  • Loyalty Strategies
  • CX Design

What we believe in

STRAT7 Meaningful growth

Meaningful growth

We help small start-ups and bluechips to make the necessary transformation into customer-relationship centric growth businesses.

Growth is not a target in itself – that’s why we talk about meaningful growth.

Meaningful growth is a result of consumer focus, as the consumers will see you, understand you and appreciate your offer – and select you as a partner in their life because it supports their meaning of a good life.

STRAT7 Detailed visionaries

Detailed visionaries

As detailed visionaries we effortlessly move between the strategic intent and the daily detailed work that needs to happen at every level in the company.

We have a unique set of documented world-leading expertise covering the full stack from data curation to strategy, business transformation and organizational integration.

Our approach is centred around building organizational capabilities and facilitating business decisions.

STRAT7 Holistic customer focus

Holistic customer focus

Our holistic customer focus reminds us that at every single step, we must optimize the brand offer to be true to who we are in the light of how it is relevant to the customers.

We always look to achieve true business impact, not just delivering projects and always start with identifying and defining the desired business impact – and ensure that what we do delivers true, actionable business value.

STRAT7 Collaborative individualists

Collaborative individualists

With the collaborative individualist’s perspective, we know when to co-create for the best result and when to sit down by ourselves and deep dive into the analysis.

We work highly collaboratively with our clients and partners and set up virtual client teams who often work embedded and with full transparency.

Who we are

Martin HörnqvistFounding Partner I CEO

Björn strat7+

Björn DufwenbergManaging Director

Annika WallerPartner I Senior Business Advisor

annika.waller@strat7.com+46 73 820 47 34

Michael FisherPartner I Senior Business Advisor

mfisher@strat7.com+44 (0)749 4544 680

Iris MinöManagement Consultant

iris.minoe@strat7.com+46 73 703 94 38

Plus the 150+ colleagues in the sister companies in London, Leeds, Singapore, New York, Amsterdam and Sydney.

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We are based in Stockholm, our clients are everywhere. If you would like to take the next step with your brand to become more customer centric, let’s get in touch.

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