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Research, insight and analytics sit at the heart of all well-informed commercial, social and political decisions. Impact 2021 is a three-day virtual summit taking place on 16-18 March 2021, organised by the Market Research Society and featuring guest speakers, great content and networking opportunities. Speakers include Google, Facebook, Direct Line, Mars Wrigley, Tommy Hilfiger, ITV, Colgate-Palmolive, Samsung, Unilever, Twitter, GSK, PepsiCo, Deliveroo and many more.

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Visit the STRAT7 virtual booth where our friendly team will be on hand for an informal chat. We can share our insight and experiences, talk about best practice and discuss how brands can navigate Transformation & Recovery through customer-centricity. Whilst every organisation wants to get closer to their customers, few truly achieve this. Find out what our clients have done differently thanks to our help. STRAT7 help brands bring together disparate data sources, grow their insight and consumer understanding, and recognise the needs and motivations of customers in the post-covid world.
Michael Fisher
Michael Fisher, Customer Analytics Director, STRAT7
Paul Carney
Paul Carney, Managing Director, STRAT7 Bonamy Finch
Giles Darby
Giles Darby, Group Commercial Director, STRAT7

Lunch & Learn

Impact 2021 just won't feel the same without getting to see friends, colleagues and clients in 'real life'. Since it may be a while before we can all see each other in person, we thought it would still be nice to share a meal. We're inviting 10 brands to an informal Lunch & Learn where we'll be discussing Transformation & Recovery, sharing both problems and solutions and hopefully learning from each other. What's more we'll be sending a £20 Deliveroo voucher to each person so we can all enjoy a treat together. The meal is scheduled for lunchtime Friday 26th March and if you're interested just fill out the form below.
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Latest Insights

Transformation & Recovery

In this 20 minute thought leadership video, we discuss in depth how brands can drive growth in a post-covid world through customer-centricity.The STRAT7 group works with some of the world's best-know brands, hear how we are helping clients to tackle this time of uncertainty.

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Gen Alpha & the Death of the Teenager

Since the 1960's brands have identified the buying power of teenagers, but for the next generation this cultural experience could be in demise. What does this mean for brands and how can they target this once buoyant customer group at a time when they are likely to have less disposable income than previous generations.

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Optimise your Advertising, Brand & Communication Strategy

How can you ensure you're truly listening to the voice of the customer in an increasingly fragmented omni-channel world? In our eBook we discuss the best practice in using an Insight Community to fast track your customer-centric growth.

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Personal Means Profitable

Understanding your customers at a granular level is a key principle of customer closeness. Budgets will undoubtedly be tight in the near future and so in this whitepaper we cover how deeper personalisation drives advertising, brand and communication ROI.

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Gen Z: Hybrid States

Gen Z, popularly called 'zoomers' are a generation defined by their own duality. How can brands unpick the sometimes conflicting nature of the wants and needs of this consumer group? Read our report to understand more about Gen Z.

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STRAT7 is an award winning marketing and customer analytics consultancy, specialising in customer-centric business transformation.

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We work with major brands across the world including the likes of Twitter, Coca-Cola, Disney, Costa Coffee, ITV, O2, Sky, The Telegraph and many more.