STRAT7 is an award winning marketing and customer analytics consultancy, specialising in customer-centric business transformation.

Here are a few reasons why some of the world’s biggest and most exciting brands work with us to grow their businesses.

No outcome, no point

Our aim is to turn data into knowledge and knowledge into growth for your business. Accelerated growth needs sound strategy and clear actions, and that’s what we deliver. Our focus is using customer knowledge to create value for you and your customers, and to empower your teams and facilitate change. We’ll challenge you and ourselves to achieve that.

Specialist teams, joined-up thinking

To make the most of your data, we bring together four streams of expertise. Engage with customers. Enrich their data. Discover the biggest opportunities. Accelerate growth by acting on your new knowledge. It’s a framework for customer-centric growth that means our specialist teams can work seamlessly together to your advantage.

Experienced people, experienced teams

STRAT7 people are the best at what they do, and they do it best together. We’re a diverse group of strategic consultants, data scientists, market researchers, and platform developers who come together in small, focused teams to solve your problem. From leading business transformation in a multinational, to getting into the heads of hard-to-reach prospects, we have the experience to unlock business opportunities and drive change.

Smart thinking, fleet of foot

We know how important speed is to a business. Our depth of experience, small teams and flexible methods means we can move fast without compromising on quality. Whether your brief is small or large, urgent or long-term, you’ll get our best thinking, and solutions that are robust, creative and scalable.

Advanced technology, intuitive and scalable

When it comes to turning data into knowledge and action, the right platform is essential. Ours are built with the user in mind: intuitive, friendly, easy to use and learn. Collect, review and explore data with our analysis and machine learning tools. Easily integrate existing data sources. Extract insights with our reporting and dashboard platforms. All in a safe, secure and scalable environment.