Change is a problem,

unless it’s an


Change is happening faster and more relentlessly than ever.

It can be hard for brands to keep up with the scale, complexity and pace of change.

To know how people are different. Different from before. Different from one another. And why?

To turn uncertainty into opportunity.


is easy,

the hard part is doing it right

STRAT7 enables global brands to understand, predict and act on change.

We do this through our joined-up team of specialists, powered by technology, data analytics and insight-driven strategy.

To identify how our changing world influences human behaviour, and how to create value from that change.

Shape your future. Lead with confidence. 


Markets are changing fast. The sooner you know how, the sooner you can act. 

We combine expertise in your sector, with inspiration from outside.

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What we do

Change comes in all shapes and sizes.
Often small changes done right, beat big ambitions done wrong.

We create insight-driven strategies with business impact, whether they’re incremental, course corrections or transformative.

Make better decisions with smarter data.
Capture, enrich and integrate multiple sources of consumer, market and first-party data in real-time.

– Insight communities
– Access panels
– Data audit and planning
– Data enrichment

Uncover hidden gems from multiple data sources.
Apply advanced analytics, AI and machine learning to find and predict future outcomes.

– Survey
– Customer databases
– Social and web
– Hybrid

Create culturally charged commercial advantage.
Sometimes the answers are found in trends outside of the category.

– Explore fast and slow trends across culture
– Build empathy with the ‘whole person’, not just the ‘customer’
– Apply cultural understanding to shape brands, comms, product and experience

Unlock innovation to accelerate change.
Create inspirational, data-driven insights from colliding cultural, category and consumer understanding.

– Segmentation
– Brand management
– Innovation
– Customer experience

Grow the value of every customer interaction.
Put the customer at the heart of every business decision and embed customer-centricity throughout your organisation.

– Strategy development
– Brand and marketing strategy
– Sustainability strategy
– Customer engagement
– Product and service innovation
– Customer value management

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It’s not just our process that delivers,

it’s our


We’re a team of highly experienced Analysts, Data Scientists, Developers, Insight Consultants and Strategists.

And we’re passionate about helping the world’s most forward thinking brands lead disruptive change.

Which means, for you, innovative thinking, agile problem solving and impactful decision-making.

We don’t just rely on process.
We put our best people on it.

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We love a challenge.
Let us know how we can help you win at change.

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