The Complete Guide to Insight Communities

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Insight Community ebooks

Book 1

Why every brand needs an Insight Community

  • What is an Insight Community?
  • Seven reasons your business needs an insight community.
  • How insight communities drive growth.
  • Use cases by business function and industry sector.
  • Building the business case.


Book 2

10 steps to creating and running the very best insight community

  • How platform functionality plays a vital role in its success.
  • How to engage with members and create value exchange.
  • How to socialise your insights with impactful outputs.
  • How to gain stakeholder buy in and deliver visible ROI.

Book 3

Turning your Insight Community into a strategic asset

  • What Insight Communities need to do to become a strategic asset.
  • How to widen the scope of effectiveness through data integration.
  • Why business integration is essential for achieving business goals.
  • How Insight Communities will improve and evolve in the future.