AI driven



unstructured online data uses unstructured online data to fuel strategy from forums, search, social, review sites, client sales and behavioural sets. 

By blending AI and machine learning with customer, culture and brand expertise, reaches provocative outcomes to support business growth.




Visual outputs

Analysing chatting up chatter on Reddit, Instagram and Tumblr.

(Source: Crowd Tracks – Sex & Relationships issue)

Crossover culture in the data.

(Source: Crowd Tracks – Gaming issue)

The path to


We help you define the underlying business challenge.

We identify what to search and why (using 10,000+ sources and local market expertise).

Our team collate, clean and organise the data sets.

We use natural language processing (NLP) and machine learning (ML) to analyse the data.

Our team of customer, culture and brand experts apply human understanding to the findings.

We visualise the data findings via an easily accessible reporting tool.

We show you how you can use the insights to make key business decisions.

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