Tap into the power of unstructured data to create competitive advantage.

Unstructured data is inherently difficult to collect and process. It’s why most businesses don’t take advantage of such a large untapped resource. 

We help organisations manage, analyse and act on unstructured data, creating unique opportunities that drive more effective strategic and tactical choices.

Look beneath the surface

Many businesses rely heavily on social listening tools to makes sense of online conversations. 

Our approach uses deep, focused exploration to answer your business questions instead of surface level ‘social listening’. All powered by

The engine collects, analyses and visualises unstructured data, quickly and efficiently. And our team of data scientists and market researchers turn this data into actionable insights that guide strategic decisions. 

Discover unconscious truths

Eliminate ‘noise’ from unstructured data and uncover the why behind what consumers really think, feel and do.

Increase marketing effectiveness

Craft messages that resonate with customers, identify new innovation opportunities and improve the customer experience.

Make decisions with confidence

Combine multiple datasets to develop a deeper perspective on customers’ needs and behaviours.

Save time and money

Collect and analyse vast amounts of data at a fraction of the cost and time of traditional research techniques.

What is unstructured data?
Unstructured data is qualitative data, typically stored in a text, video, image or audio format. It includes data that is publicly available online (social media sites, forums, review sites) as well as in-house (survey open ends, interview transcripts).
Applications supports a wide range of business questions, through the lens of unstructured data.

  • Opportunity spaces, use cases and future scenarios
  • Segmentation enrichment
  • Occasions
  • Growth opportunities
  • Customer journey touchpoints
  • Competitor analysis and positioning
  • Product, service and customer experience performance
  • Brand and product portfolio opportunities
  • Messaging and creative development
  • Pivoting
  • Campaign tracking
  • Comms / Message descriptions
  • New product, service or experience reactions

How we collect online data

We have access to 10,000s of online data sources across the globe…

  • Real-time APIs integration with social media, forums, blogs and news websites.
  • Ability to collect, translate and analyse data in many languages.
  • Access to Chinese data sources.

And use proprietary webscrapers to:

  • Collect publicly available customer reviews and forum conversations.
  • Unlock harder to reach conversations, not available on social listening platforms.
  • Rapidly scan the internet for the latest articles, forums and news articles. absorbs, structures and quantifies conversations to tell powerful data-driven stories that inform business decisions.” 

The path to insights
Getting started​

A workshop to define your core questions, data sources, key markets, competitors and time period.

Data collection and infusion at scale​

Real time API integrations with 10,000s of online sources. Infusion with internally stored data (e.g. survey open ends, customer feedback, transcripts) and third party data.

Topic modelling​
Cluster conversations into identifiable groups to find distinct, interpretable and memorable topics. ​
Benchmarking, tracking and reporting​

Analyse the data to answer your core questions, delivering actionable insights. e.g. analyse conversations over time, by market and against competitors. These insights can be standalone or tied to wider research pieces. v conventional social listening tools

Conventional Social Listening

Access to lots of online data sources (social media, forums. Blogs, news)
Using Strat7’s own data access and any social listening tools you may want us to access

Build basic self-service dashboards to identify trends

Track key hashtags and keyword mentions per market

Stay on top of emerging events and potential crises

Collect unstructured data on lots of competitor brands
Possible, but requires many dashboards to be set up and reviewed – which can be very time and labour intensive

Careful handling of unstructured data
(Removing irrelevant posts, duplicates, near duplicates, weighting of retweets and original posts)

Some social listening platforms have started to do this, but are not as effective as applying rules on the raw, unstructured data

Access to specialist review and forum websites through specialist webscrapers

Integration of lots of different datasets (e.g. sales data, search data, internal customer feedback) to develop a 360 view

Topic Modelling to break down conversations into trackable topic areas; using technology

Analyse unique language associated with your brand and products (by topic area and market)

Advanced analysis not easily available on social listening platforms Including: Emotion Detection, Image Analytics and Word Co-Occurrence

Expert STRAT7 consulting to translate interesting insights into actionable insights, aligned to core business questions

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