The key to the success of STRAT7 is our end-to-end approach and data first strategy. It enables us to build an inter-connected eco-system for aggregating, analysing and reporting on different data sources. Cross-functional teams of specialists include; data scientists, architects and engineers and planners combined with techies, business and brand strategists.

Everyone collaborates, working seamlessly together from capture through insight to action. To harness the intelligence and power of data. To transform your brand and business.

3 key specialisms. Multiple disciplines.


Creating unique data relationships with consumers

Data Strategy & Planning

Data Capture

  • Voice of the Customer
  • Access Panels
  • Insight Communities
  • Experiences & Journey

Data Enrichment

Data Transformation

Data Exchanges

Insight & Analytics

Robust analytically driven insights generating success

Insight & Analytics

  • Segmentation
  • Brand Management
  • Predictive Modelling
  • Product & Service Optimisation
  • Activation

Business Intelligence


Innovative insight-driven strategies that maximise opportunities

Marketing Strategy

Brand Strategy

Customer Strategy

  • CRM
  • Performance Media
  • Experience & Personalisation

End-to-end business transformation

Our joined-up approach can help clients identify and target new audiences, perfect pricing and product plans, improve marketing and advertising strategies, and much more.

  • Business Problem Definition – understanding the business context and core problems.
  • Analytics Design – identifying the right analytics model and designing the solution.
  • Data & Tech Platform Selection – defining the sources and collection of data.
  • Strategic Insight & Analytics – discovering the business-critical insight.
  • Consulting – designing the activation strategy to deliver the solution.

Make better data-driven business decisions

Understand WhyUnderstand the needs of your customers and why they choose your service over a competitors’. Discover potential customers and their needs which can be incorporated into your services.

Understand Why

Understand WhatUnderstand in detail how customers interact with your own brand via transactions and engagement history. Third party data enhances understanding with demographics, attitudes and preferences.