Data is just the start.

To put customer needs at the heart of your business, we draw on four inter-connected streams of expertise. Engage with customers. Enrich their data. Discover the biggest opportunities. Accelerate growth by acting on your new knowledge.
It’s a joined-up approach you can take advantage of at any point, which lets us help our clients tap into new audiences, improve marketing effectiveness, increase customer value and more.

STRAT7 framework for customer-centric growth


Connect with millions of existing and future customers in real-time to build new and relevant market knowledge.

  • Access panels
  • Insight communities
  • Market research


Combine, enrich and connect data, for an ever-richer and continuous picture of customer behaviour.

  • Data audit
  • Data integration
  • Data enrichment


Uncover new and disruptive growth opportunities rooted in market and customer knowledge, and insight analytics.

  • Culture & trends
  • Advanced analytics
  • Segmentation
  • Predictive modelling


Accelerate growth by activating and integrating customer-centric strategies into every part of your business.

  • Marketing strategy
  • Brand strategy
  • Customer strategy
  • Product & service strategy