Change is a problem,
unless you make it an opportunity.

STRAT7 is a global strategic insight and customer analytics group.

The world has never moved faster, the opportunities for brands never greater. But the risk of not adapting to change, or moving in the wrong direction, are also significant.

We specialise in Always-On Customer-Centric growth, understanding, predicting and acting on change through technology-powered data and insight solutions.

Only if businesses truly understand their consumers, can they win at change.

The STRAT7 offer

A blueprint for Always-On
Customer Centricity.

We deliver impactful strategy, business growth and transformation for many of the world’s most ambitious brands.

Partnering with clients through the STRAT7 Advisory team or via a specialist agency, we draw on expertise and technology from across the group to create the right approach, every time.

Motivated by a belief that Always-On Customer Centricity creates value both for clients and the people they serve, as needs change.

Always On blueprint

Our Agencies

Six dynamic agencies within the STRAT7 group. A team of over 400, in 12 locations around the world.

We collide cultural, category and consumer understanding to get to impactful customer-centric solutions.

For each engagement, we assemble the right team of specialists from across the agencies.

A proprietary approach to enable seamless teamwork and effective delivery.

Our clients

Some of the brands we’ve helped to win at change. 

Our platforms

We’re powered by brilliant, proprietary technology.

Our suite of Always-On platforms help brands operationalise insights in real-time, for fast, agile decision-making.

Global Insight Community platform.

Automated mobile research via WhatsApp.

AI driven exploration of unstructured data.

AI powered social listening trend analysis.

Our people

We don’t rely on process.
We put the best people on it.

STRAT7 brings together a powerful blend of specialists in human understanding, cutting edge technology, data scientists and business advisory, giving business leaders the confidence to act on change.

We strive for a fair and inclusive work environment. You can read our policies here

To join our fantastic and friendly team, please get in touch