Data is common, knowledge is rare.

In a connected world, consumers produce vast amounts of data, 24/7. But most businesses struggle to combine, enrich and interpret that data in ways that help them create real customer engagement and meaningful growth.

STRAT7 turns market and customer data into real world knowledge, and knowledge into competitive advantage. Build new revenue streams, attract profitable customers and increase customer value to accelerate growth.

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Understanding Moments that Matter with Occasion-based Segmentation



Revitalise your marketing, customer, brand and product strategies through four inter-connected areas of expertise.

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Connect with millions of existing and future customers in real-time to build new and relevant market knowledge.


Combine, enrich and connect data, for an ever-richer and continuous picture of customer behaviour.


Uncover new and disruptive growth opportunities rooted in market and customer knowledge, and insight and analytics.


Accelerate growth by activating  and integrating customer-centric strategies into every part of your business.

Specialist teams

When you work with us, we’ll put the best team in place, leveraging our technology, data solutions and people from across the STRAT7 group to deliver customer-centric growth.

Get the Insight Edge and Stay Ahead of the Competition

Researchbods blend technology and sharp thinking to bring customers and brands closer – enabling fast, smart and informed decisions. Our market-leading insight community platform delivers real-time insights with speed and agility. And our people ensure those insights land with impact.
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Unlock The Customer Knowledge Inside Your Data

STRAT7 LiFE are the data enrichment specialists. We take your raw customer data and use advanced machine and human analysis to uncover the strategic and meaningful knowledge it contains.
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Shape Culturally Charged Commercial Advantage

STRAT7 Crowd DNA is a cultural insights and strategy consultancy. We bring together trends specialists, researchers, strategists, designers, writers and film-makers to advise and innovate across audience, brand, product and experience for the world’s most exciting brands.
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Uncover New, Compelling Growth Opportunities

STRAT7 Bonamy Finch are experienced and trusted specialists who provide the springboard for growth.  Discover new and disruptive opportunities through analytically-driven strategic insights.
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Inspire Commercially-Focused Research, Planning and Strategy

STRAT7 Incite are a strategic consultancy who apply commercial acumen to their Think People First approach, to unlock opportunities, drive business strategy and improve decision making for insight buyers, marketing professionals and business leaders.
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Define Your Future Through Customer-Centric Transformation

STRAT7+ are the strategic core of the STRAT7 group, a team of senior business advisors with long experience in integrating meaningful consumer understanding in every business decision across all business functions. Customer-centricity ensures the commitment to delivering impactful consumer value.
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