[Webinar] Making Breakthroughs in Breakthrough Innovation

How to engineer 'aha' moments that change the game

We’ve all encountered those moments of realisation during an innovation project when everything suddenly becomes clearer. An insight or idea that feels so obvious is born, and we wonder how we haven’t thought about it before.

These ‘aha’ moments can be transformative, acting as a spark to motivate the team and steer them towards a positive change in direction.

But it’s rarely just luck that leads to these moments….

By understanding where they come from and how to create them, you can harness their power and refocus your innovation on what really matters.

Join our webinar session to hear more about the conditions and tricks that can help set you up for success!

Date: 8th June 2023
Time: 2pm BST | 9am EST

During the session we will:


  • Explore the anatomy of an ‘aha’ moment and how landing one can result in breakthrough innovation
  • Shed light on how to foster the right internal mindset to unlock your inner innovation potential
  • Share our own experiences in landing these moments, and the impact our tools and tricks have had for our clients