Creating the right mindset for great innovation

Kate Jones, Senior Principal in the STRAT7 Advisory team, reveals how to create the ideal mindset for ‘aha moments’ during innovation sessions by overcoming three common obstacles. After weeks of preparation, everything is set for your innovation session. The team have the time in their diaries, you’ve designed some fun and creative exercises and you’ve […]

Make change an opportunity


Our winning approach to customer centricity The last decade saw no shortage of businesses that both succeeded and failed to capitalise on changing customer needs. Those that succeeded, such as Netflix, AirBnB and Uber, now dominate their markets while once-huge brands like Blockbuster and Kodak find themselves consigned to the history books. Not responding to […]

Becoming truly customer-centric: 3 key challenges

The road to becoming truly customer-centric is paved with challenges.  Allan Chen, Principal in the STRAT7 Advisory team, discusses how to overcome them,  unlocking opportunities for growth.   Many businesses invest heavily in understanding their customers yet struggle to bring that to bear on making the big business decisions. Why?   1 / Being stuck in […]

Bad Innovation: an irreverent guide to creating innovation that fails

Our work with brilliant organisations over many years has taught us what it takes to succeed in innovation. We’ve learned that what you don’t do is just as important as what you do do. Tom Carvell, Principal in the STRAT7 Advisory team explains… So, instead of “10 easy ways to create great innovation”, we are […]

The Benefits of cultural insight

If cultural insight wants to maximise the opportunity that currently presents itself, it also needs to amplify its overall business case, argues Andy Crysell of STRAT7 Crowd DNA. There is nothing very new about the use of the term ‘cultural insight’ in market research. Here’s a reference to it from over a decade ago in Research Live, […]

Always-On Customer Centricity: the Winning Formula for Change

Woman smiling

How do organisations achieve enduring success? By understanding, predicting and acting on change. But when change is exponential in its pace and multi-dimensional in its impact on businesses, you need to always be one step ahead. If you can’t recognise when change is coming or don’t have the capability to act, you risk being left […]