Brand value is more tangible than you might think

Continuing in our brand series, in this iteration, we will explore how brand centricity can amplify brand value and help companies stay competitive amidst ever-shifting consumer preferences and a quickly-evolving playing field. Beth Clayden is Senior Director, Brand Planning at STRAT7 Rainmakers. Previously Director of Brand Strategy at Interbrand, Director of Planning at Publicis UK […]

Key pillars to brand success in changing times

Over the next two months, we will explore the challenge of staying relevant and competitive as a brand amidst ever-shifting consumer preferences, especially as technological progressions and fierce competition constantly reshape the playing field. Alice Hedlund, Principal at STRAT7 Advisory, explores three key pillars to maximise brand value and growth in a changing market landscape: […]

Doing more with your core: 3 ways to add real value

Don’t worry, this isn’t another article on how to get back in shape after the festive period! Being efficient in how you use your time, resource and budget will always be a hot topic (you can still watch our webinar from last year on this here). So today, Tom Carvell, Principal at STRAT7 Advisory, shares […]

The change challenge: Reinventing customer centricity in the pharma industry


Björn Dufwenberg, Managing Director at STRAT7 Advisory, shares how pharma and healthcare companies can adopt a more customer-centric approach, meeting the changing needs of their customers while delivering more value to them. STRAT7 Advisory together with Incite Health, will be running a webinar to explore how, in today’s business landscape – where change is happening […]

Help! My segmentation is failing

Chess pieces

Ahead of our upcoming webinar – The Client’s Guide to Transformational Segmentation – we’ve invited Helen Donald, Partner at STRAT7 Advisory, to share how we approach a key part of making a new segmentation framework a success – the deployment. So you have a really strong segmentation, designed against clear business objectives… It’s all plain […]

This is Influence: Lessons in leadership and resilience

Our Group CEO Barrie Brien was recently interviewed by Nathan Anibaba, the host of industry podcast This is Influence, a show about how B2B brands and execs can become more influential. So you have a really strong segmentation, designed against clear business objectives… In this episode, Barrie tells Nathan what he’s learnt about building businesses and driving growth both […]

How can companies be successful in AI product development?

Sarah Askew, our AI Innovation Lead at STRAT7, interviews two of her colleagues to discuss the need-to-knows for companies setting out in AI product development, including pitfalls, opportunities and some surprises too. Artificial intelligence (AI) continues to rapidly evolve. Businesses are increasingly looking to AI-powered products and services to gain a competitive edge and drive […]

What’s your innovation superiority strategy?

Tom Carvell, Principal on the STRAT7 Advisory team, unveils why superiority in innovation is so important right now and how you can make your innovation stand out from competitors through a data-led approach. Why is superiority so important right now? We are all too aware of the effect of inflation and cost-of-living on shoppers; purchasing […]

How to get ahead of the game: Wargaming for business

Björn Dufwenberg, Managing Director on the STRAT7 Advisory team, explains the concept of wargaming and how this approach can help navigate uncertainty and envision future market landscapes. Rather than simply reacting to shifting trends and changing consumer behaviours, businesses can find ways to get ahead of the game. Here’s how… If you’re face-to-face with a […]