STRAT7 launches AI-driven unstructured data capability

STRAT7 are helping business decision-makers gain a competitive edge by delivering structured analysis from unstructured data sources at scale.

Today, STRAT7 announced the launch of, an unstructured data analysis capability that delivers commercial advantage for brand, marketing and product teams globally. uses NLP (natural language processing), AI and machine learning to rapidly speed-up analysis of carefully curated global online data sources – such as forums, search, social platforms, review sites, client sales and behavioural data sets. is a global capability, supporting multi-linguistic analysis.

By leveraging the power of, STRAT7’s team of insight and strategy consultants are providing even richer, nuanced and transformative insights to support a wide range of strategic challenges – including trends forecasting, segmentation, brand positioning, customer experience, comms and innovation. To learn more visit

Matilda Andersson, Group Managing Director at STRAT7 Crowd DNA, who leads the development of, says:

Despite advances in technology, brands are still struggling to extract meaningful insight out of unstructured data. One of the ways we’re using is to help our clients identify emerging, often ‘invisible’ cultural signals within bigger cultural trends to help our clients stay ahead of the curve.

Barrie Brien, CEO at STRAT7 adds:

“We work with some of the world’s most ambitious brands and they are constantly looking for new ways to drive growth and accelerate away from the competition. Access to high quality data – and the ability to quickly extract more value from ever-increasing amounts of unstructured data sources – is critical to their future success.

Our clients are already benefiting from our unstructured data capabilities. STRAT7 Crowd DNA, our specialist cultural insights and strategy consultancy, is working with a streaming service, a social media platform and an e-tailer to uncover emerging cultural trends using Our team at STRAT7 Bonamy Finch is using AI and machine learning to analyse unstructured social data to complement their brand and customer experience, and segmentation offerings. And STRAT7 ResearchBods is working on ways to enrich insight community data using unstructured data sources.”

Published: 7 Jul 2021