About us

STRAT7 is a global strategic insight and customer analytics group.  

We enable global businesses to understand, predict and act on change, with technology-powered data and insight solutions. 

We believe in

the opportunity of


For some brands, change is a threat. We see it as an opportunity.

Our approach puts consumers at the heart of every business decision, through insight-driven strategies.

So you can create opportunity from uncertainty, and turn uncertainty into greater value for your business and customers.

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We’re a team of over 350 people in 12 locations across the world.

Advanced, actionable data analytics

Culturally charged strategy and insight

Research, planning and strategy

Real-time customer insight solutions

Fresh perspectives, new opportunities and clear strategic direction

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STRAT7 formed in 2019, because we saw two forces combining.

Disruption was increasing, propelled by changing consumer behaviour and expectations. And organisations were struggling to keep up. 

Many recognised the urgent need to extract meaningful insights from an abundance of data, but they didn’t know how. This was slowing their ability to predict what was about to happen, and why?  And therefore to make critical business decisions with confidence. 

At a time when agility and innovation had never been more important.

That’s why we brought together specialisms, harnessing the power of technology, data analytics and insight-driven strategy. 

To help brands be on the winning side of change.

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