Demystifying consumer motivations and building a cohesive product portfolio

The Challenge Air Wick, a globally renowned home fragrance brand with over £1 billion in annual sales, faced the challenge of understanding the distinct consumer needs for two of its largest product platforms. With a diverse range of products like aerosols, candles, and diffusers, Air Wick needed to avoid the risk of converging two platforms […]

Harnessing the power of AI to reveal new cultural shifts

Case Study - Cultural shifts impacting children's snacks market for Global Confectionery brand

  A global confectionery brand uncovered new market opportunities using our Crowd Signals platform, powered by, to analyse consumer sentiment, emotion and relevant cultural shifts. The Challenge Our client, a beloved confectionery brand that has been a favourite among parents and children for many years, has established a strong reputation for producing high-quality products […]

Tailoring messaging and optimising product positioning with

  Through deep-dive analysis of consumer sentiment and emotional drivers, using, our client reimagined its product positioning and uncovered new market opportunities. The Challenge Our client, synonymous with some of the best tech software products in the world, has long adopted a strategy of localisation in its international marketing efforts, taking into account cultural […]

AI-powered brand health tracking for global luxury fashion company

Leveraging AI and machine learning to gather and analyse vast amounts of online conversations about the fashion brand and its competitors.  Tracking brand perceptions from unstructured data A global luxury fashion company wanted to track brand perceptions against a competitor set of 15 global luxury handbag companies across 7 core markets. This would help them […]

How a headphone manufacturer used AI to mine online reviews to improve product positioning

  By analysing vast amounts of online reviews with, we unveiled new insights into consumer perceptions and emotional associations with the headphone brand.   Big Data Collection In the ever-evolving world of technology, understanding consumer sentiment is crucial for any business. For one headphone manufacturer, this meant diving into over 200,000 online reviews to assess performance, perceptions, […]

Vendor Due Diligence: Fuelling Freshcut Foods’ Sale to Flywheel Partners

Providing vendor commercial due diligence to support the successful sale of Freshcut Foods to Flywheel Partners Meet the client Freshcut Foods supplies more than 300 plant-based ingredients to over 40 foodservice operators, food manufacturers and B2B clients in the UK. Established in 2003, the company employs over 320 staff across three manufacturing facilities in Nottingham, […]

How we used AI to analyse viewer conversations for ITV

STRAT7 Case Study

Analysing viewers’ conversations to inform future marketing initiatives for the UK’s longest running commercial network.  Meet the client ITV is the oldest commercial television network in the UK. Their free-to-air service is host to popular shows like I’m A Celebrity, Get Me Out Of Here!, Love Island and Coronation Street.  Millions tune in every week […]

Using AI to rapidly analyse conversations in the US Heartburn Category

STRAT7 Case Study

Performing analysis and strategic insights on over 100,000 public conversations and images for a global healthcare company. The research before the research A global healthcare company wanted to conduct research on consumers in the Heartburn category through our sister agency, STRAT7 Incite, with whom they’ve partnered many times.  However, prior to the primary research stage […]

How a long-term partnership with STRAT7 sharpened Burger King’s strategic edge

Meet the client BURGER KING® is the second largest fast food hamburger chain in the world, serving over 11 million customers in 100 countries and U.S territories. With a commitment to high quality, sustainable food, signature recipes, and family-friendly dining experiences, enhancing customer perceptions has always been near the top of the agenda for the […]

Shaping talent strategy with in the healthcare sector

Analysing employee online reviews to help a global healthcare company understand all areas around retention, recruitment and talent development.   Introduction A Global healthcare company, who has partnered with STRAT7 many times, wanted to know how their employee experience compared to that offered by their competitors. They were keen to develop a deep understanding of […]