[Webinar] Real-world Applications of AI in Strategic Insights

AI took centre stage in 2023, sparking a flurry of headlines, forensic scrutiny and occasionally wild predictions. One thing is certain though: AI is already reshaping how insight teams operate, transforming how we gather, analyse and act on insight. In this session, along with our special guest IAG Loyalty, we discussed recent case studies exploring […]

[Webinar] How Brands and Media Can Thrive in an Era of Personal Freedom

STRAT7 agency, Crowd DNA, presents FREEDOM! A double-header under a common theme of more people getting to live their lives just how they want to live them (and therefore more brands needing to move on from squeezing people into old fashioned little boxes). Join us on Thursday June 22 2023 at 12pm EST (17:00 BST) […]

[Webinar] Making Breakthroughs in Breakthrough Innovation

How to engineer ‘aha’ moments that change the game We’ve all encountered those moments of realisation during an innovation project when everything suddenly becomes clearer. An insight or idea that feels so obvious is born, and we wonder how we haven’t thought about it before. These ‘aha’ moments can be transformative, acting as a spark […]

[Webinar] The Impact of the cost-of-living crisis on vulnerable consumers

Join STRAT7 Jigsaw on May 17th 2023 to explore the impact of the cost-of-living crisis on vulnerable consumers.  The 2020 FCA ‘Financial Lives’ study found that 27.7m UK adults demonstrated characteristics of vulnerability, with half of these facing low financial resilience (over-indebtedness, low savings or low/erratic earnings). And this was before the cost of living […]

[On-demand] The Future of Wellbeing – what it means for brands

[Webinar on-demand] The STRAT7 Researchbods team explores what wellbeing really means to consumers, uncovering new wellbeing trends and behaviours, and running deep dives with client partners to understand how brands can capitalise on these trends.  We also share findings from our first large scale quant study with UK consumers and highlighting the emerging trends and […]

[On-demand] Tap into the Power of Unstructured Data

Webinar on-demand(Original live stream: Thursday, March 30th 2023) Are you struggling to make sense of unstructured data? You’re not alone. Unstructured data (such as text, video, audio, and social media posts) makes up 80-90% of all data that exists.  Yet, few organisations know how to effectively leverage this vast, untapped resource.  Join our upcoming webinar to […]