Future Neighbourhoods – Designing Happy Homes and Caring Communities

Developing a brand asset strategy to support five year plan to create progressive new neighbourhoods

Brand Asset Strategy

Get Living are respected leaders in the build to rent field, with innovations including ditching deposits and fees, allowing redecorating and introducing three-year tenancies and resident-only break clauses as standard. With a five year plan to create progressive new neighbourhoods, and over 15,000 homes in major cities, they came to Crowd DNA to inform a brand asset strategy that would:

+ Bring context to their vision for neighbourhoods, placemaking and community spaces

+ Define what Get Living builds

+ Develop a service proposition to benefit their renters

Get Living Logo

Project Design

+ Semiotics, trends exploration and KIN network input, with our Crowd Signs team unpacking the codes and future meanings of how people will relate to their homes and neighbourhoods

+ Quantitative work from our Crowd Numbers team, sizing and defining the needs of the target audience (in the UK and China), and optimising the offer through feeding back on trends defined in the Crowd Signs phase

+ Qualitative work from our strategic insights team, exploring the home and community needs of the target audience

Addressing Immediate and Longer Term Goals

The trends and qualitative work provided tangible strategic recommendations for innovation – from minor tweaks to marketing, to major shifts in offer – and were sized through quantitative research in the UK and China, validating the scale of the opportunities, and the physical manifestations that were most appealing to renters.

We validated these insights through the quantitative work, culminating in a conjoint model, helping the team to understand the associated values and demands for aspects of building design and service. This will be used to inform the optimum mix of property offerings.

Framing our work around Get Living’s key dimensions of space, time and choice, we workshopped with their CEO, senior team, architects and investors to define brand communications; also how to utilise trends to inform the design of future projects, and to optimise living environments for their residents.

Another priority was effectively socialising the findings across the business. We achieved this through film outputs and consulting on how best to make sure the results stay prominent in Get Living’s business eco-system.