STRAT7 launches Advisory practice

STRAT7, the global strategic insights and customer analytics group, has launched STRAT7 Advisory, a new consulting practice which will support clients with Always-On Customer-Centric business growth and transformation.  

Comprised of senior consultants from across the agencies in the group, the Advisory function has been created to advise senior business leaders on embedding consumer understanding into all aspects of an organisation’s decision making – from market analysis, strategy creation to implementation, to enabling internal processes.

The Advisory team will work on engagements with clients on strategy, planning and organisational capability, while also drawing on the specialist skills of the different agencies in the group to deliver Always-On Customer-Centric solutions that drive enduring commercial success.

With the formalisation of the team, STRAT7 will be better placed to deliver on the increasing amount of work that it has been performing for clients in these areas and where it already boasts an impressive client list – IKEA, Johnson & Johnson, H&M, Pernod Ricard, Shell, Sanofi and Intersnack, to name a few.  

The multi-disciplinary team will be led by Bjorn Dufwenberg and Pranay Jeyachandran.

Bjorn Dufwenberg who brings years of customer-centric transformation experience says: ‘Businesses are at different stages of maturity when it comes to being customer-centric. But even those that aspire to be, and invest behind this ambition, often fail to have the desired impact. Our goal is to support them in identifying where they are on the maturity curve, and then advise them on what steps they need to take internally and with their customers to become truly customer-centric.’ 

Pranay Jeyachandran says: ‘At a time when data and insights are ubiquitous, our clients are increasingly coming to us for advice on how to create strategies and plans that are truly customer-centric. The formal creation of the Advisory team is a real statement of intent by STRAT7, driving home the point that putting customers at the heart of every business decision is more than just great data and insights; it relies as much on translating this into real advice that is transformative for an organisation.’ 

STRAT7 CEO Barrie Brien says: ‘The creation of STRAT7 Advisory is a significant evolution for the group. While we continue to be comprised of specialist agencies in insight, data and technology, the creation of the Advisory practice ensures that the whole is greater than the sum of the parts for our clients, and we continue to deliver on their ever-increasing complex needs.’

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