Technology has transformed marketing, business processes and business operations.

It has turned the data, research and insight industries upside down. Even a decade ago the problem was too little information about consumers. Now there’s too much data.
But where there’s disruption, there’s opportunity.
At STRAT7, our role is turning the glut of data into useful customer knowledge that leads to action, growth and transformation for our clients. Technology is the bedrock of how we do that.

  • Proprietary customer data platform

  • Suite of real time integrations into your data ecosystem

  • Global cloud-based hosting

  • Over 40 developers and data engineers

  • Utilising cutting edge AI and machine learning

  • ISO 27001 accredited ensuring all data is housed safely and securely

We invest in tech

We continually invest in new technology to help us engage with customers, enrich their data and analyse the results, often in real-time. The aim is always a wider and more accurate understanding of customers, audiences and markets.
Two examples are ex-plor, our advanced customer intelligence platforms, and LiFE, our consumer data lake. ex-plor gives direct access to millions of customers in real time, embedding customer knowledge across all departments in your business. You can ask questions, get instant feedback, collect, enrich and analyse data in one intuitive platform. Our clients often tell us the platform is the most advanced in the industry.
LiFE turns your data into a strategic asset, by combining multiple data streams (eg CRM, survey data, and commercial data sources) to create new insight and a higher-level view. LiFE is delivered using Machine Learning and AI, and lets you identify trends and patterns, predict behaviour and spot new opportunities

We employ our own developers

We employ a large team of inhouse developers across STRAT7. This means we can move quickly to improve and update our Insight platforms, including delivering new features for our clients. It also means we can deal with any issues swiftly and effectively.

We believe in Technology + Human Expertise

Technology is the foundation of what STRAT7 companies do, but our technology is always driven by and enriched by human expertise - our teams include some of the most experienced strategists and customer specialists in the industry. By combining technological innovation and human insight, we get better, faster results for you and your customers.