[Checklist] Generative AI for Insight Directors: A Strategic Checklist

As a global strategic insights group, we’ve witnessed the incredible potential of generative AI to unlock new possibilities for our clients. But to maximise this potential, a strategic and thoughtful approach is essential. This checklist provides a comprehensive guide to strategically and responsibly investing in generative AI. It draws on valuable insights from our own […]

[Ebook] Reinventing Customer Centricity: Making your business more responsive and profitable

STRAT7_Ebook_Reinventing Customer Centricity Thumbnail

In today’s rapidly changing world, businesses face unprecedented challenges and opportunities. Yet, many organisations fail to adapt due to a fundamental flaw: a lack of true customer centricity. A recent PwC study revealed that 56% of CEOs cite changing customer needs as their biggest challenge to profitability. Failing to respond to these evolving preferences puts […]

[Ebook] How We Work with Culture

Book - How we work with culture

Fifteen years in the making, here’s Crowd DNA’s ebook about creating culturally charged commercial advantage for the world’s most exciting brands. As we’ve grown, as we’ve become more global, communicating what we stand for becomes ever more important to get right. Our ebook, How We Work With Culture, is an opportunity to tell our story. […]

[Ebook] The Un-Dependents: Targeting the Consciously Child-free Consumer

The Un-dependents

Mums, dads, children, parents: we hear about them often – but what about the consciously child-free? Our new report celebrates those who have chosen to never have kids. Let us introduce the Un-dependents… We are living in a time when more people are making the choice to not have children and the circumstances around this […]

[Ebook] The Complete Guide to Insight Communities

The Complete Guide to Insight Communities

Today, customer journeys are more fragmented that ever.  So it can be difficult for brands to truly hear and quantify the need of their customers Insight Communities are an online platform designed for long-term market research which allow brands to engage with their customers (current and future) in real-time – in a safe, transparent, and […]

[Ebook] Putting the Consumer at the Heart of ESG Strategy

Putting consumers at the heart of ESG strategy

Take an in-depth look at consumer attitudes and behaviours towards ESG and find out how to deliver meaningful impact to the lives of consumers, society and – importantly – the future health of your business using our consumer-centric framework. Download our ebook today. ESG has become a commercial imperative As the evidence piles up that […]

[Ebook] Tap into the Power of Unstructured Data

Tap into the power of unstructured data

Unstructured data, such as text, video, audio, and social media posts, makes up 80-90% of all data that exists. Yet, only 18% of organisations can effectively leverage this vast, untapped resource. We delve into how businesses can incorporate unstructured data into their decision making, providing valuable insights, context, and opportunities for innovation and competitive advantage. […]